One of the best investments you can make in your home is an outdoor audio system. It not only increases the value of your home, but it also makes spending time in your yard fun, will wow guests when you entertain, and can be integrated into your home automation for ease of use. There are many outstanding audio systems and components that can be discreetly integrated into your landscape and allow you to enjoy the same quality of sound that you enjoy inside your home while you are enjoying the great outdoors!

Outdoor audio systems are durable, weatherproof, and designed to perform optimally in outdoor conditions. Much of the system can be buried in the ground or hidden in foliage or other architectural features so that you don’t even notice there is a high-end audio system in your beautiful backyard. Whether you want a speaker or two near the pool or on the patio, or you want quality audio throughout your entire landscape, a professionally designed outdoor audio system can be scaled to meet your needs and programmed into your home automation system so that all you need to do is press play! Transition seamlessly from inside your home to outside your home with the same audio playing throughout, or create zones where you can distribute different audio sources for variety and flexibility. Use your outdoor audio system for playing music or install a TV on your patio and experience home theater-quality sound while enjoying the breeze! When you want to make an investment in your home and upgrade your home experience, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor audio system.