Have you been in a business recently that did not have a free guest Wi-Fi network? Probably not. And, if you have, you were probably irritated. That’s because, in today’s world, having free guest Wi-Fi in your business is very normal and frankly, somewhat expected by customers.  The problem is, most business owners do not know how to setup a safe, secure, separate guest network.  In most cases, it is best to have a professional install and program your business’ managed guest network.

There are many advantages to installing a safe and secure managed guest network for any business owner, as Lifewire explains, “A guest Wi-Fi network is beneficial for the owner of the network and those who use it. Guest networking provides a way for users to access a network in seconds with little to no setup on their part. Depending on how the guest network is configured, they can access the internet and local resources on the network like files, printers, and hardware peripherals. From the administrator’s point of view, the guest network broadens the reach of the network to visitors without needing to give out a network password. Guest networks also improve security because the owner can limit what guests can access, for example, the internet but not local resources. This prevents the spread of viruses that may enter from a guest’s device.”

With professional installation, your managed guest network can be designed to meet your unique needs.  Some businesses need only one managed guest network for occasional use while others need to allow multiple guests separate, secure, simultaneous access. A professional will understand what hardware will ideally suit your needs while remaining scalable should your needs change in the future.

Crucial Things To Keep In Mind When Providing Managed Guest Network:

Whether an individual runs a financial, grocery store, or other marketing company, a Wi-Fi internet connection is expected by clients. However, this offers a small and value-added service that is quickly becoming standard for every company. If anyone is walking into an organization and having some time to pass by utilizing the guest network for mailing or swiping up social media is a perfect bonus. Remember that the best quality of internet connection offers better results. For employees, it transforms to improved productivity that reduces the chance of them becoming irritable and with a low bearable output. Moreover, there are multiple benefits at hand but, some vital factors need to be considered while offering managed wireless connection.

Network Separation:

Mainly, segmenting one’s guest network has few crucial reasons that include securing this for organization means visitors should not be able to own access to segments of the connection used by workers. Typically, a company’s internet access must be kept separate from the internal network, so a visitor should not able to go and view a business’s assets, confidential files, and other resources. However, providing wireless internet can offer vast benefits therefore, utilize network firewalls or create an individual VLAN for guest’s usage. Furthermore, use software firewalls to secure servers as well as workstations from visitor’s network traffic. Most probably, in the likelihood of malware or ransomware problems, if a person separates their linking, it will highly avert the harm caused.

Modify Default Password:

One of the usual things to consider is changing a default password because of security purposes, and also it is easy to forget. Moreover, the internet is cluttered with data abuse details that have occurred due to failure in altering the default PIN. Likely, each network subsidiary has a unique and robust password, which helps to provide high security from online threats. Further, another vital factor is modifying SSIDs for a wireless connection because it should reflect the name of an individual’s business, and it must be a little bit transparent to customers. Neglecting to do this can make it too effortless for spiteful persons to set up “evil twin” access points and attract people onto those scamps, plus conduct man-in-the-middle offenses. Make sure to change both passwords as well as SSIDs routinely.

Updated Firmware:

For an important reason, as they gather vulnerabilities that could be ill-used easily by cybercriminals to acquire access to a person’s device and web connections. Furthermore, if those susceptibilities are exploited, then configurations can be altered for a kind of iniquitous cause. Hence a business should hold some policies that need firmware updates to be installed promptly with routine checkups to ensure every device has been upgraded and no one is missed out.

Eventually, there are numerous beneficial facts available in managed guest internet access but, be sure to keep it safe from cybercriminals and online threats.