In today’s modern world, it is almost an expectation that a business has a guest WiFi network available. It is not only a convenience but a valuable service to your guests and customers that will keep them in your establishment longer and may increase sales as a result. But, if you were to ask anyone on the street how to set up a guest Wifi network, we bet you would be hard-pressed to find someone that knows the answer. While most of us know how to use a WiFi network, we do not know how to set up a safe, secure, and powerful guest Wifi network in our business that restricts access to our private network. For this reason (and many more), it is best to work with an experienced audio/video and network installation company that can get your secure guest WiFi network up and running in no time.

TechAdvisory elaborates on guest WiFi network option and what to consider when implementing, “If you router has built-in guest Wi-Fi support (you can check this feature through a quick web search) you could use it to create a separate ‘virtual’ network. This means guests will have access to the internet without connecting to your main company network. If your router doesn’t support multiple Wi-Fi networks, you can implement a separate wireless access point that bypasses the rest of your network and connects directly to your Internet service provider (ISP) connection. Both options will keep your guests’ connectivity separate from your company network so you’ll never have to worry about unauthorized persons accessing your company data. Keep in mind that guest Wi-Fi still uses your ISP connection so you should limit bandwidth usage on your guest network. The last thing you want is a guest streaming videos that slow down the Internet for your employees. With that in mind, you can even have your employees use guest Wi-Fi for their personal devices too. This minimizes the chance of employees hogging company bandwidth for personal use.”

It is paramount that any business implementing guest WiFi do so in the most secure and efficient way to ensure that business operations are never impacted while you provide your guests and customers with a convenient luxury that may just increase your sales.