Transform Your Home with Lighting Control

Automate lighting control has become easier and more accessible for all homeowners than ever before.  The atmosphere you want you and your guests to experience in your home is only a button push away with home lighting automation. There are many different ways to incorporate lighting control in your home so that it is completely personalized to your unique needs and desires.

You can program your Automate lighting to turn on/off or adjust to different settings whenever you want.  Do you want your lighting to slowly turn on when your alarm goes off in the morning?  With Automate home lighting control, you can.  Do you want your lights to be bright at dinner time and when your kids are doing their homework and then slowly dim as it gets later in the evening for relaxation?  You can!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to settings and lighting options that can be customized.  Creating the exact atmosphere you want in your home is as simple as setting what are known as lighting “scenes.” Then, whenever you want, simply press a button for the type of lighting you desire.  You can have a unique lighting scene for any type of experience that you want or may happen in your home.  These scenes can be determined at installation and programmed in by your installer and you can always adjust scenes or add new scenes later on in your home lighting automation app if your needs change.

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