Transform Your Home Entertainment Experience With a Custom Home Theater

When most people think of home renovations, their minds to go kitchen remodels or a coat of paint. Why not add a thrilling home theater, instead? Adding a professionally-designed theater brings the fun of going to the movies into your home.

Where To Install a Home Theater

Plenty of underutilized spaces in a home make for a stunning theater. A basement or den is a popular choice, but smaller rooms can work just as well. Any unused guest room or spare bedroom can become an immersive theater with the right setup.

Important Home Theater Design Elements

The difference between a mediocre movie night and an unforgettable one comes down to design. Here are three crucial elements:

  1. A high-quality screen without unsightly wires. A good design hides these wires for a true movie theater look.
  2. Exceptional surround sound audio. Sound is the number one factor in film immersion, so be sure to include enough high-quality speakers.
  3. An intuitive control setup. Fumbling with remote controls can put a damper on even the most expensive theater. Integrate smart controls for seamless viewing.

Let the Professionals Design and Build Your Home Theater

Putting a quality theater in your home is more difficult than installing a screen and seating. Audio Video by Design considers every part of the process for you. Contact us today to build your dream home theater.

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