Things To Consider When Installing a TV and Speaker System Outside

Spending time outdoors is a salve for the soul and brings family and friends together. Outdoor entertainment systems such as TV and speakers should be protected from the elements and easy to use.

TV Installations

TVs on a patio or porch should be enclosed in a weather-rated casing to protect them from heat, moisture, dirt, and theft. They should also be installed in the shade or facing the south to avoid glare. HDMI cables should be kept short and a secure wall mount will ensure the TV lasts in its current position for a long time.

Speaker Systems

For outdoor speakers, place the receiver inside and keep the volume control outside. The speakers themselves should be installed well off the ground and far enough apart to achieve optimal sound quality and reduce feedback. Make sure you have protection from the elements, especially rain and moisture. Installing speakers in a heavily-buttressed corner of a pergola or patio is a good solution.

In-depth Design for Outdoor Entertainment

Our technicians complete an in-depth assessment of your outdoor capacities before beginning any work. This ensures that no time or money is wasted on rebuilds or retrofitting. Contact us today to take advantage of our customer-first philosophy that helps us work within your budget and physical resources.

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