The Importance of Professionally-Designed Surround Sound in Your Home Theater

surround sound

surround soundHome theaters are not new but in recent years, the concept of home entertainment has been revolutionized. Now, you can stream many movies at the same time they open at the box office and access to high-quality entertainment at home has expanded exponentially. But, to have a fully immersive movie theater experience, you need high-quality, professionally-designed surround sound in your home theater

How Surround Sound Works to Enhance the Entertainment Experience

Some people mistakenly think surround sound is just speakers placed around the room playing loudly, but it is much more than that. In fact, surround sound is the same volume as regular sound but there are more layers of sound played through various speakers, giving the listener a more well-rounded, realistic sound quality. When a home theater surround sound system is properly designed, it allows you to hear the movie exactly as it was filmed and recorded to be heard. 

A Professional Home Theater Design Is Important

Professionally-designed surround sound tremendously enhances the home theater experience. A quality sound system divides sounds and distributes them to multiple channels and then plays them through the various speakers placed throughout the room. The speakers, along with other equipment such as a subwoofer, and even some strategically placed acoustic paneling, will enable you to immerse yourself in sound just like you would in a movie theater.

Immerse Yourself in Entertainment with Surround Sound

Surround sound systems are typically either 5.1 or 7.1 which means they consist of either 5 speakers and a subwoofer, or 7 speakers and a subwoofer. Both are good and create the type of multi-dimensional sound you want when watching a movie, but 7.1 will provide an enhanced immersive experience. Speakers will be placed either in the wall or ceiling with some positioned at the front of the theater, some on the sides, and some in the rear. This allows sounds to originate from various locations just as they would in a movie theater.

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