Soundbars are a popular and easy way to upgrade your home audio. There are many different soundbars on the market that come at a variety of price points, with a variety of features for your personal viewing style, and, as you can imagine, quality levels. While soundbars are very convenient, homeowners sometimes wonder if they should install a soundbar or opt for more traditional speakers and a surround sound system. Below, we compare soundbars and surround sound systems to help you determine what is best for your unique home.

Soundbar Pros & Cons

  • PRO – Soundbars are very convenient. They are basically ‘plug and play,’ meaning that you could plug them into your television and a power source without much help.
  • PRO – Soundbars are not cheap but they are typically less expensive than a surround sound system with speakers.
  • CON – Soundbars typically cannot produce the same quality of sound. While there are many exceptional soundbars, it is hard to compete with a custom surround sound system designed for optimal acoustics in your space.
  • CON – Soundbars either need to be compatible with and capable of being attached to your television or they will have to sit on a tabletop of some sort which can make them somewhat unsightly. If you are picky about aesthetics, soundbars are not ideal because it is much easier to carefully integrate and disguise a surround sound system in your existing interior design.