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Audio Video by Design will make your house work for you,
not the other way around.

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“Home Automation” is the latest buzz word. “Everybody does Home Automation now. I can even get it through my alarm.” Sound familiar? Can you get Home Automation through your alarm? No. You can get a motorized lock, an integrated thermostat, and some light control. But what makes that automated? Just because you open an app to turn the light on does not make it automated. It makes it controlled. “Well, I can get automated lights from xyz company. I can get garage door company from yxa company. I have an app for each one.

That is automation!” Again, all just controlled, and the only person that can figure out how to use all those apps is the one who set it up. What good does that do? Instead, imagine this… When you pull in the garage after dark, do you want the lights inside the entry door to come on for you? Then when you disarm the alarm, do you want the hallway paths to light up? When you tell your home to start party mode do you want it to automatically set lights, music, thermostats, pool lights, fountains, and door locks to where you want them all set? Try asking your alarm “Home Automation” to do that! Let us show that Home Automation is more than a buzz word. Audio Video by Design will make your house work for you, not the other way around.

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A fully integrated AV system requires an in-depth design procedure to assure that all of the components
and sub-systems work together properly. Without a proper design, you may be subject to hidden charges later.


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