Commercial buildings of any size need a way to know who is coming and going – it is a basic security measure that can dramatically enhance your safety and security. Businesses in any industry need a way to grant access to their employees, customers, and other guests that is efficient, effective, customizable, and scalable. Working with a professional commercial access system installer is the best way to integrate a commercial access system into your business. This is because system design is very complex, requires electrical and wiring, and will benefit immensely from experience and knowledge about how to optimize your system to meet your needs both now and in the future.

When people think of commercial access systems, they often think of having to swipe a badge to get into a building or to get into secure parts within a building. And, while this is a great example of a basic application of an access system, there are far more system features and ways to customize systems. With a commercial access system, you can track who is entering and exiting your building or designated rooms/areas, and it is logged with time and date.  You can also opt for other types of systems that use biometric access, codes, cameras, and much more depending on your security needs. Gain control over your business’ security and have peace of mind you have done everything you can to enhance security for your staff, guests, and assets.

What are the advantages of commercial access control systems?

Business facilities looking to upgrade building security can install top-notch commercial access control systems. It offers simple management controls that provide access to only authorized persons. This acts as the first line of defense at any given time.

Easy access

Commercial access control systems provide a form of keyless entry to manage security. It is easy to set up this system and manages the access labs and offices. An access control system gives access to each employee and enables them to enter the building and office without any hassle. This also reduces the problems of dealing with security breaches in security.


Traditional key-based systems are effective for a number of reasons. However, it also leads to many complications. Especially for high-security facilities, losing keys could result in all sorts of problems. Some employees may even lose or misplace their keys. Commercial access controls provide keyless entry. Operators can complete bio-metric checks to gain access to the facility. It will eliminate the problems involved in restricted access areas. Most importantly, one can also maintain the security of a large production area.

Specific entries

When a facility is hosting a presentation or conference, commercial access system can be programmed to allocate scheduling for employees. This feature grants access to people who would arrive at a specific time or day. Moreover, companies can allocate this feature to each door and entry point. The doors will remain open for the duration of their visit.

Mandatory credentials

Based on the industry and facility, some offices and production areas require additional security than others. It is essential because these rooms are at a high-risk. They may contain sensitive information specific to their organizational operations. Commercial access control systems allow access to employees with mandatory credentials. They should either carry an authorized card or pass the biometric test to enter the area. The head of security personnel can provide authorization to employees without any hassle. It is more effective than traditional security systems.

Tracking information

It is a challenging task to track access in a large corporation. Security personnel cannot keep track of employees with traditional control systems. As a result, there will be breaches of individuals threats in the production area or office. The problems could further exacerbate when a key-based system is followed for security measures. Installing a top-notch access control is essential to keep track of personnel entry. It can be allocated for specific buildings and facilities. The tracking databases can be stored in separate servers and can be reviewed when there is a security breach. It serves as evidence for further investigation.

Improved protection

The most important benefit of installing a commercial control access system is improved protection for a business. Companies can fulfill all their security needs by installing surveillance systems at various points. They can supply new access cards and establish mandatory credentials for employees. The data of entry points will be stored securely.