How Should You Choose the Right TV Size for Your Room?

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When you’re choosing a TV, bigger isn’t always better. Getting the right size and right placement for a TV installation may depend on a few different factors.

How Far Will You Be Sitting From the TV?

One of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing a TV is the amount of space that you are working with. If you will be sitting more than 7 feet away, at least 55 inches is a good size. If you are sitting between 4 and 7 feet away 40-50 inches may be more visually pleasing. A wall-mounted TV installation wall could help you maximize the space so you can get a larger screen.

Can You See the Whole Picture?

You need the entirety of a TV to fit in your field of vision. A screen is too large if you can’t easily see all of it from your favorite seat.

Is the TV 4K?

If a TV has 4K definition, then you won’t need to worry too much about the screen looking pixelated if you are sitting close to it. 4K TVs offer outstanding clarity very close up.

Be sure to choose the right TV installation option for your home. Contact Audio Video by Design for professional input and assistance for your home theater setup.

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