How Commercial Audio Distribution Applications

Commercial buildings, whether an office, retail space, restaurant, bar, community center, clubhouse, gym, or any other, all can benefit from audio distribution. But, distributing audio throughout a commercial building efficiently and effectively is no simple task. A professionally-designed commercial audio distribution system should be easy to use, flexible, and sound great! Commercial audio systems are different than residential systems in that they use different audio components and wire to ensure it meets local codes and regulations.

Commercial Audio Distribution Applications

Ambient Music

Retail spaces, healthcare offices, hotels, lobbies, and many other spaces need a simple way to control background music and other ambient sounds for sound masking. Easily control those zones with ambient music while still being able to distribute different audio to other areas of your commercial building.

High-Quality Sound

Many spaces like theaters, music venues, churches, schools, and other commercial buildings need more than simple audio distribution, they need high-quality, robust sound to ensure optimal sound-quality is achieved no matter where you are in a room of any size. Work with a professional commercial audio distribution installer to design a customized high-quality sound system that can be integrated with the rest of your commercial audio distribution system.

Conference Room Audio

Always hear clearly and cut down on unsightly wires and equipment with a professionally installed commercial audio system for your conference room.


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