Whether your audio/video system is 6 months old or 6 years old, you want it to work efficiently and correctly – and it should! But, as we all know, even the highest quality products and professionally installed systems occasionally experience problems.  You will need to determine if you are dealing with a hardware problem, software problem, or anything else. One thing is certain, technology problems are a huge headache and often require experience, knowledge, and training to safely and correctly make necessary repairs.

Professionally installed audio/video systems are all uniquely designed and use different products and installation methods so when you need someone to evaluate a problem with your system, you want to hire an experienced and knowledgeable service provider. Audio/video support and repair services should include a thorough inspection of your system with any necessary troubleshooting to ensure the root of the problem has been found and properly repaired.

Often, a single visit should be enough to repair common audio or video system problems but occasionally you may need to update your equipment and/or wiring to achieve your desired outcome. Rather than trying to guess what is wrong with your system or have someone unqualified try to repair it and cause more damage than good, hire a professional for high-quality audio/video system support and repair services in your home.


What are the common a/v issues?


When people cannot hear any sound from their home theatre system, they have audio issues. it can either be an electrical failure or a cable problem. In commercial audio-video systems, coworkers may not be able to understand the speaker or hear their voice. This can lead to frustrating situations. They may waste time repeating the same information.


When there is a delay between audio and video, it can frustrate the audience. Wireless AV solutions experience these problems frequently. These are either connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Delays in voice or audio are caused by bad signals from the device or receiver. It is also essential to pay attention to the signal settings of the systems.


Time waste and stress are caused by feedback issues. People may hear unwanted clicking or annoying noises from the speakers. In conference setups, these noises frustrate coworkers and make them lose focus. Feedback problems are relatively easy to fix. It can be a problem with microphones.


Speakers that are placed together could lead to echoes. It may cause the listener to miss essential information. This can affect the whole presentation. People will hear voice reverberates when they speak on the mic. Echoes will be produced from different corners of the room. It is essential to test the microphones.


When a home theatre system consists of projectors, people will experience failures big time. Audience may experience blurry visuals or unfocused content when they have a problem with their projectors. It is essential to stay proactive with the projector problems and fix them as quickly as possible.

Black screens

Many tv owners experience black or green screens more often. This means that the television doesn’t receive the signal that it needs to display the picture. It includes a cable boxes, game systems, and other devices. Check the connections from these systems and inspect the cable for any damages. Most commonly, there will also be input problems from the TV. The cabling between the receiver and the TV could cause this black screen. Make sure to call professionals when such problems are encountered. They can prompt a repair or suggest replacement cables after inspecting the problem.

Remote controls

When there is a problem with remote control, it will either be battery connections or input board failures. A normal setup will consist of remotes for TV, Blu-Ray players, AV receivers, and other systems. The home entertainment setup will also consist of other custom remotes. These controls are designed to work with specific devices. Such remotes require repair from professionals. Contact them as soon as possible to reduce any chances of the input board wearing down over time. If the problem is not fixed, people can order a replacement from manufacturers or contact them for repairs.

Video problems

When the video doesn’t play from external sources, their many causes. In some cases, it may lag or freeze for some minutes. Online streaming involves an internet connection. Hence, people should test their connection speed when the video is impossible to play. When external sources like a hard drives or flash drives are connected, there is an issue with the source.