If there is one thing that is universally loved it is the movie-going experience.  You sit in a big comfortable chair and a movie is displayed on a huge screen with outstanding surround sound – it is a highly enjoyable immersive experience.  But, going to the movies can be very expensive, and let’s face it, in a pandemic, the idea of going to a crowded public space does not exactly sound appealing.  When you do not want to go to the movie theater but want to still enjoy your movie as you would in a theater, the best thing you can do is install a home theater.

A professionally designed and installed home theater will transform your home into the movie theater you love without ever having to leave.  A custom home theater can take on many different appearances depending on your personal preferences and budget.  Almost any room can be a home theater but the fewer the windows/light, the better.  Televisions, projector and screen, surround sound, theater seating, automated lighting, and more can be incorporated into your home theater design.

In addition to custom design and installation, an experienced home theater design and the installation company will program your new home theater for ease-of-use.  Convenient movie watching can be as simple as pressing a button with home theater automation.  Once programmed, at the press of a button the lights can dim, the projector turns on, the screen lowers, the lights dim, and the movie starts to play – just like in a commercial movie theater.  The programming possibilities are endless and your new home theater is only a call to an experienced audio and video installation company away!