Almost anything in your home can be integrated into your home automation, including your window coverings and shades. You may not realize how much a difference automated window coverings will make in your home.  Motorized shades can easily be controlled from an app on your phone, tablet, or with wall controls depending on your preferences.  And, while we understand that motorized window coverings are a luxury, they are one that truly makes an impact on your daily life.

One thing many homeowners do not realize is that automated window blinds save energy.  Motorized window shades are very energy-efficient.  They can be programmed to be opened or closed at strategic times during the day to reduce the amount of energy you use at home.  Times chosen can be based on utilizing natural light rather than artificial light as well as optimal times to reduce heat gain.  By keeping your home’s heat gain down, you reduce the amount of air conditioning your home uses.

Smart window shades integrated into your home automation also enhance your comfort at home.  As aforementioned, automated window shades reduce your home’s heat gain through windows which keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature throughout the day.  Additionally, your comfort is enhanced because your window hades can be easily controlled at the touch of a button right from your phone so if you are comfortable in bed but want to close the window shades, you can stay cozy in bed and tap a button on your phone to close your window shades. To learn more about how you can motorize your window shades and transform your home’s comfort, consult an experienced and knowledgeable motorized window shade installer.