Controlling technology in your home may sound like something you’ve only seen in movies but more and more homes are converting to voice control.  With things like Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and more – just about any home can integrate voice control.  If you are on the fence about voice control or are just not sure how much you would use it, you will be amazed at the way it can transform your home life. But, getting voice control to work the way you want and function seamlessly is no simple task.  And, getting it integrated into your home automation can be even more complicated which is why it is always best to have a professional program your voice control at home for ease of use and efficiency.

You’ve probably seen commercials or been at a friend’s house and heard someone say “Alexa, turn on the lights.” Or, “Hey Siri, turn the music up louder.” And, while those are fun and convenient features that can be automated with voice control, there is so much more potential. With voice control, you can control audio/video controls, lights, fans, window shades, your security system, and more.  When professionally programmed, your home technology will be easier and more convenient to use than ever before.

Additionally, voice control can serve as a digital assistant for your day-to-day needs.  With a voice command, you can add something to your calendar, ask what the weather is like, set an alarm, remind you of something important, etc.  There are truly endless possibilities with home voice control. Speak to an experienced professional to learn how your voice control system can be designed and programmed to uniquely transform your home life.

Common voice control devices:

Smart speakers
Smart displays
Home theater receivers
Media streamers
Video projectors

How a smart voice control can make your home smarter

Optimized controls

Devices and appliances connected to the same system create unified control. They only need to say a common instead of searching with keywords. This makes the process convenient and time-efficient.

Energy efficient

People gain more control to adjust their home devices with voice. It is essential for controlling thermostats and water heaters in a house. As a result, it helps to save money on energy bills.


Home voice control technologies further allow individuals to add as many devices as they want to an existing system. Therefore, there is no need to stress out about replacing any old appliances.

Improved security

Another excellent advantage of voice automation is improving the overall security of a house. People can keep a tab on their surroundings during uncertain situations. Therefore, they can safeguard their property from intruders.

Impact on smart home

Well-integrated voice control can improve convenience and efficiency. People can simply command their appliances to perform a specific action, so there is no need to hassle around with remotes. Most importantly, they can keep their schedules organized by automating their devices with few voice controls.

How to add voice control for smart devices?

Homeowners can add voice control to any piece of hardware with compatible features. They provide application comes with many options, so they can combine various home kits from different manufacturers. If necessary, they can even integrate more than one smart assistant for better convenience.

Google assistant

The first tip in connecting smart devices to Google Assistant is using the Google Home app. They can install this application free from the Play Store. If homeowners have an existing setup with a Home Speaker or Chromecast. Then, access the list of brands that are compatible with Google Assistant. As the last step, log in using account credentials and connect devices.

Amazon Alexa

The connecting process of Amazon Alexa is similar to Google assistant. This app is available for both Android and iOS. Access devices from the men and use the categories in this list to find components. People should also add necessary skills to their application and complete the step.

Apple HomeKit

Finally, homeowners can add all kinds of devices to their Apple HomeKit application. Find the Add Accessory symbol on the menu and tap the wireless option to find compatible smart devices. People can also add their list of favorites during the integration process for better control.

Are you planning to add a voice control installation in Phoenix?

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