Control4: The Ultimate Smart Home Experience

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Smart homes have come a long way in the last decade. With tools like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, home automation is easier and more accessible than ever.

The Control4 Smart Home

Every homeowner’s needs are different. A custom-tailored smart home solution is the most effective in meeting your needs. The Control4 operating system brings critical functions together in an easy-to-use interface with touchscreen, app, voice and keypad access. Automation with Control4 offers several useful benefits:

• Automate lighting

• Improved home security

• Efficient climate control

• Music where and when you want it

• Convenient subroutines for morning, nighttime, entertaining guests and more

Control4 is a sophisticated system with capabilities exceeding consumer smart speaker systems. It allows integration with devices and appliances from multiple brands. Control4 becomes your home’s hub, handling everything from the stereo in your bedroom to brightening the garage lights when you pull into your driveway. You can benefit from working with A/V professionals. You’ll get a proper setup the first time, saving you time and frustration.

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