Common Uses of a Residential Lighting Control System

Common Uses of a Residential Lighting Control System

Lighting is an important facet of feeling comfortable at home; it also has the ability to change environments from bright workspaces to cozy relaxation rooms. Installing a lighting control panel can make it much easier to establish specific lighting scenes for different needs or parts of the day. It can also make residential lighting far more environmentally friendly because it cuts down on lights being left on without anyone in the room. There are many different ways to utilize lighting in a home.

Time-specific Lighting

One of the most common ways to use a lighting system is for scheduling a daily time when lights turn on and off. With such a schedule, it would become unnecessary to get up and turn the lights on every evening when it begins to get dark, causing fewer distractions and interruptions in family time or important work. In the same way, it would control when lights go out at night. If a family member works late, outdoor lights can be set to stay on longer without anybody having to worry about whether they got shut off. If the family goes on vacation, lighting systems can provide the illusion that the home is still occupied which could lessen the chance for break-ins.

Sensor Lighting

Another common use of lighting control panels is a sensor-based system that turns lights on whenever an individual enters a room. This is great for houses with children who are too small to reach the light switches or times when hands are full. Such a system also turns lights off after a certain period of time without movement which cuts back on electricity bills and environmental problems based on electricity usage.

Indoors and out, lighting control has the ability to make a home more welcoming and energy-efficient. Whether it is used for necessity alone or experimenting with fun and fresh lighting styles. technological advances have allowed for new and exciting options in residential lighting.

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