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Enhance Your Backyard This Summer With an Outdoor Audio System

Picture yourself sitting in your backyard this summer. Perhaps you are by the pool, or maybe you and your friends are gathered around the fire pit. You are enjoying the warm breeze while you relax. What is missing from this picture-perfect scene? Maybe it’s outdoor audio to fit the mood. Bring Your Music Outside There…

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How Should You Choose the Right TV Size for Your Room?

When you’re choosing a TV, bigger isn’t always better. Getting the right size and right placement for a TV installation may depend on a few different factors. How Far Will You Be Sitting From the TV? One of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing a TV is the amount of space that…

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3 Ways Smart Automation Improves Your Home

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your home and make it work better for your family? Why not consider smart home automation? It offers a variety of benefits that make life easier for your family. 1. Automation Creates Safety Automated appliances and lighting help to keep your home and your family safer. Are you…

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Commercial Building Automation Benefits

Even a technologically-advanced commercial building can benefit from a commercial building automation system. No matter how small or big your commercial building is, automating your various technologies such as your lighting, audio/video, HVAC system, security and surveillance, window shades, telecommunications and more will obviously add convenience to your life but the benefits go far beyond…

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You Need a Professionally-Designed a Home Network

Today, every home depends on strong and reliable internet access to run the technology they use for everyday life. Whether streaming shows, gaming, working from home, remote learning, or doing some combination of all of these things and more – it puts a huge demand on your Wi-Fi. And, if you do not have a…

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HVAC Control

There are very few homes today that don’t have a least one smart home technology, let alone multiple. If you have yet to upgrade your home’s HVAC system to a smart HVAC system, there has never been a better time than now. Smart thermostats and HVAC systems will save your home energy but that is…

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Professionally-Installed Boardroom AV & Technology

The boardroom or conference room is one of the most important spaces in an office. It’s where meetings happen, deals are made, strategies are devised, and important business operations take place. Businesses of every size can leverage modern technology including audio/video, telecommunications, a robust and secure network, and more to facilitate efficient and effective business…

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Automated Window Shades

Window shades are an essential home feature because they enhance privacy and lighting control. Though window shades have been around for a very long time, the window shades of yesterday are put to shame by modern automated window shades. If you have traditional window shades, you know that you have to go to each individual…

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Your Home Needs An Outdoor Audio System

One of the best investments you can make in your home is an outdoor audio system. It not only increases the value of your home, but it also makes spending time in your yard fun, will wow guests when you entertain, and can be integrated into your home automation for ease of use. There are…

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You Need a Commercial Surveillance System!

As a business owner, protecting your commercial building and place of business is a top priority. Though we would love to have eyes everywhere and be able to be constantly aware of everything happening around and inside our buildings, that is not always possible. Commercial surveillance systems make keeping an eye on things and enhancing…

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