Transform Your Home Entertainment Experience With a Custom Home Theater

When most people think of home renovations, their minds to go kitchen remodels or a coat of paint. Why not add a thrilling home theater, instead? Adding a professionally-designed theater brings the fun of going to the movies into your home. Where To Install a Home Theater Plenty of underutilized spaces in a home make…

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Why Home Automation Is an Affordable Reality for Everyone

You likely thought a smart home that could make adjustments at a vocal command was the stuff of science fiction only some years ago. Like all new technology, home automation first entered the market as a product for the wealthy. With recent advances, automating a home is more affordable than ever. Discover why. How Home…

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Simplify Your Life With Control4 Home Automation

It’s been a long day. All you want to do is relax at home. When you walk in the door, the lights are off, the house is freezing, and you still have to enter the security code to turn off the alarm. What if, instead of coming home to a cold, dark, and silent house,…

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3 Reasons Why a Custom Home Theater Gives You a Great Experience

Going to the movies is a great time for anyone who enjoys spending time with friends or family. Getting a home theater can improve this experience even more, especially if you watch many different movies. 1. Total Control Over Home Theater Timing With a home theater, you can start and pause your show or movie…

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Benefits of a Unified Home Automation System

A technologically advanced home offers many benefits. However, when the elements are disconnected, the system can become overwhelming for homeowners. Fortunately, a unified home automation system is possible. Components of Home Automation Every household is unique. This means that every automation program will have different components, based on the particular needs of the home’s residents….

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Improve Your Home Audio With In-ceiling Multi-room Audio

When it comes to creating a cohesive, comfortable home environment, you can’t go wrong with a whole-home in-ceiling audio system. These home audio systems are an easy way to maximize your sound and convenience. Here are a few things to consider as you establish the sound system that’s best for your home. Synchronous or Asynchronous…

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The Perfect Home Audio System With Control4 Audio

Whether you love high-quality movies or terrific sound, your home entertainment can be perfected with the addition of a Control4 system. Imagine having concert-quality sound almost anywhere at the touch of a button. Listen Anywhere Your home audio can follow you where ever you go in your home. You can set your life to music…

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Things To Consider When Installing a TV and Speaker System Outside

Spending time outdoors is a salve for the soul and brings family and friends together. Outdoor entertainment systems such as TV and speakers should be protected from the elements and easy to use. TV Installations TVs on a patio or porch should be enclosed in a weather-rated casing to protect them from heat, moisture, dirt,…

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Taking Your Smart Home to the Next Level With Home Automation

When you think about home automation, most think of those systems that you can manage from your phone. However, you can actually install a fully integrated system that will make your life so much more simple. Simplifying Daily Routines and Tasks One of the best benefits of home automation is that you can program the…

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Take Your Backyard Parties to the Next Level

Technology is important for providing entertainment at any type of large gathering. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be limited to the indoors. Make the most of your backyard this summer with an outdoor audio video system. Pump Up the Jams Every party worth its salt has a good playlist. Hiring a band or…

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