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Enhance Your Comfort with Motorized Window Shades

Almost anything in your home can be integrated into your home automation, including your window coverings and shades. You may not realize how much a difference automated window coverings will make in your home.  Motorized shades can easily be controlled from an app on your phone, tablet, or with wall controls depending on your preferences. …

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Transform Your Home Comfort with HVAC Control

Today’s thermostat and HVAC control technologies make transforming your home comfort easier and more efficient than ever before.   Once you have smart thermostats and HVAC controls integrated into your home automation, you will be amazed you ever lived without them. Smart HVAC control enables you to customize your home’s climate to your schedule while learning…

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Soundbar Pros & Cons – Is it Better Than a Surround Sound System

Soundbars are a popular and easy way to upgrade your home audio. There are many different soundbars on the market that come at a variety of price points, with a variety of features for your personal viewing style, and, as you can imagine, quality levels. While soundbars are very convenient, homeowners sometimes wonder if they…

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You Need to Install Guest WiFi

In today’s modern world, it is almost an expectation that a business has a guest WiFi network available. It is not only a convenience but a valuable service to your guests and customers that will keep them in your establishment longer and may increase sales as a result. But, if you were to ask anyone…

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Home Automation Transforms Your Life at Home

Home automation is a term that gets thrown around a lot and encompasses a wide range of home technologies.  This is likely why many people are often confused about what exactly home automation even is. Professionally designed and installed home automation can truly transform your home life.   Home automation enables you to program multiple audio/video…

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Why You Need Residential Video Distribution

There are many ways to enhance your home’s audio and video system. Any home, of any size, can benefit from a distributed video system. Not only is it a relatively simple professional installation, but it will dramatically enhance your TV viewing experience. If you are unsure what distributed video is, a simple example is your…

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Benefits of a Home Video Intercom System

Most of us are familiar with traditional intercom systems and may have seen them installed in some homes in the past. But, most people have not seen video intercoms before, or may not even know they exist.  Video intercoms are a new popular trend in homes because they combine the convenience of an intercom system…

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Enjoy the Ultimate Movie Experience at Home

If there is one thing that is universally loved it is the movie-going experience.  You sit in a big comfortable chair and a movie is displayed on a huge screen with outstanding surround sound – it is a highly enjoyable immersive experience.  But, going to the movies can be very expensive, and let’s face it,…

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Network?

Have you noticed that your home’s WiFi seems to be working a little slower than it should or that certain areas of your home do not get a good connection?  Most homes today have a multitude of devices and smart appliances that are simultaneously vying for a share of your WiFi. Between phones, tablets, televisions,…

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Transform Your Home with Lighting Control

Automated lighting control has become easier and more accessible for all homeowners than ever before.  The atmosphere you want you and your guests to experience in your home is only a button push away with home lighting automation. There are many different ways to incorporate lighting control in your home so that it is completely…

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