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You Need a Commercial Surveillance System!

As a business owner, protecting your commercial building and place of business is a top priority. Though we would love to have eyes everywhere and be able to be constantly aware of everything happening around and inside our buildings, that is not always possible. Commercial surveillance systems make keeping an eye on things and enhancing…

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Benefits of Commercial Lighting Automation

Regardless of industry, commercial lighting plays an important role in productivity, safety, and energy efficiency. Every business would like to improve all three of those things. But, unless your building was built in the last few years, your lighting systems may not be very energy efficient or ideal for ease of use. Today, there are…

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Maximize Business Security with a Commercial Access Control System

Commercial buildings of any size need a way to know who is coming and going – it is a basic security measure that can dramatically enhance your safety and security. Businesses in any industry need a way to grant access to their employees, customers, and other guests that is efficient, effective, customizable, and scalable. Working…

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Get Your Home A/V Repairs Done by a Professional

Whether your audio/video system is 6 months old or 6 years old, you want it to work efficiently and correctly – and it should! But, as we all know, even the highest quality products and professionally installed systems occasionally experience problems.  You will need to determine if you are dealing with a hardware problem, software…

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Your Business Needs a Managed Guest Network

Have you been in a business recently that did not have a free guest Wi-Fi network? Probably not. And, if you have, you were probably irritated. That’s because, in today’s world, having free guest Wi-Fi in your business is very normal and frankly, somewhat expected by customers.  The problem is, most business owners do not…

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2 Reasons to Install Home HVAC Control

If there is one thing every homeowner wants, it is to be comfortable in their own home.  Whether your home has an existing smart thermostat or not, a professionally installed home HVAC control system can be integrated into your home automation and will provide a number of benefits to the homeowner and their guests.  Below,…

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Enhance Your Home with a Surveillance System

Your home should be your sanctuary and the best way to achieve that is with peace of mind that your home is protected and safe.  Most homes today receive frequent package deliveries and food deliveries, along with normal neighborhood traffic.  With so much traffic coming and going from your home, it can provide great peace…

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Endless Possibilities with Home Voice Control

Controlling technology in your home may sound like something you’ve only seen in movies but more and more homes are converting to voice control.  With things like Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and more – just about any home can integrate voice control.  If you are on the fence about voice control or are just not…

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Automate Your Business Technology

Everyone wants their business operations to run smoothly but not everyone has the tools and technology necessary to achieve the results they want.  There are many different business automation tools that can integrate various forms of technology and controls to streamline and improve operations. With so many different automation options available today, a professional can…

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Integrate a Smart Doorbell in Your Home Automation

Home security is more important and, fortunately, more advanced than ever before. There are many different home safety and security features that can be integrated into your home automation. Installing a smart doorbell is no longer a luxury, it is a ‘must’ for homeowners. With so many different smart doorbells on the market today, there…

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