Most of us are familiar with traditional intercom systems and may have seen them installed in some homes in the past. But, most people have not seen video intercoms before, or may not even know they exist.  Video intercoms are a new popular trend in homes because they combine the convenience of an intercom system with video technology for improved communication and peace-of-mind.

Video intercom makes a great addition to any home of any size.  One of the most significant and perhaps most obvious benefits is that you can easily see who is at your front door and even speak to them without ever having to open the front door or even be home!  Additionally, you can be cooking in the kitchen and talk to your kids in another room such as the playroom or upstairs, without ever having to walk away from the stove.  With video intercom, you can speak to any room in which you have installed video intercom from another intercom device or from your phone or smart device, whether you are at home, at work, or out of the country!

Integrate your video intercom system into your home’s audio/video system for the easiest and most convenient experience possible.  The best person to handle such a complicated project is a professional audio/video installation company that can not only install your video intercoms but integrate them into your home automation program for you as well.  Make your life more convenient and safe with a home video intercom system.