5 Reasons To Include Custom Video Surveillance in Your Home Security System

Hearing the doorbell when you aren’t expecting a visitor is often an unpleasant interruption. You don’t know if it’s a salesperson, a census taker or someone with nefarious intentions. Maybe it’s just a neighbor who found your frisbee in their yard. Do you peek through your front drapes or open the door to the unknown visitor? Custom home security systems solve this dilemma and give you control over your home safety.

Gone are the days when security was limited to a burglar alarm. Wireless technology and digital advances have defined a new level of convenience and effectiveness for home security.

1. Camera Quality

High-definition, color recordings have replaced the pixelated, black-and-white images that scarcely yielded useful information. Despite their discreet sizes, new-generation cameras have high-quality lenses that can clearly display the unwanted visitor at your door or in your yard. Replacing batteries is generally the only maintenance required.

2. Remote Monitoring

Footage viewing and video monitoring can be routed to almost any device. You can view recordings and multiple camera views from any location where Wi-Fi is available. Video monitoring tells you instantly whether the unexpected visitor is known to you. At work or on vacation, you can feel comfortable knowing your property is secure. 

3. Video Efficiency

New technologies have enhanced video storage capabilities. Programmable motion-activation functions mean less footage and less of your valuable time devoted to scanning and reviewing.

4. Customizable Systems

From one front-door camera to a large indoor-outdoor network, systems can be customized to accommodate your budget and unique needs. You can even design your system in phases.

5. Cost Offsetting

A comprehensive home security system can pay for itself. You may be able to reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums and increase your property’s resale value.

Not so long ago, home security consisted solely of detecting and notifying you when someone was attempting to enter your home. While this is still a staple feature, wireless technology, remote monitoring and quality video images have transformed home security and made these innovative systems a priority for today’s security-conscious homeowner.