3 Ways to Convert a Bedroom Into a Home Theater

Building a custom home theater is easier than you might think—in fact, all you need is an empty room and a few basic necessities. Here are three ways to convert an unused bedroom into the ultimate home theater.

Use High-Quality Electronics

Your home theater is meant for streaming TV shows, watching movies and playing your favorite games, so it’s important to have reliable devices in place. Projectors are a popular choice thanks to their adjustable display, but a wall-mounted TV will also do the trick. You’ll want to use a high-quality sound system, preferably with at least 5.1 surround capability. A good streaming device is crucial for your home theater experience. If possible, it’s best to have it wired directly to your Internet router for optimal quality and speed.

Keep Your Theater Dark

One of the things that defines the cinema experience is the atmosphere—real movie theaters are dark, windowless and have minimized light exposure for the most immersive experience. Blackout curtains go a long way in making your home theater feel like the real thing, so consider investing a set for the windows in your designated room. You may even want to go the extra mile and paint your walls black or dark gray to better absorb any light that does bleed through.

Make Things Cozy

Once you’ve built a solid foundation, it’s time to add luxury to your home theater. Comfortable seating is important for your home theater, and faux-leather recliners are a great way to capture the style and coziness of modern cinemas. Features like a small snack bar or mini fridge are perfect for keeping your favorite movie treats on hand. Adding sound tiles to the wall can help absorb unwanted echo and immerse you even further in your favorite shows.

Creating your own home theater doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With the right equipment and comforts, you can create the ultimate theater experience right from your own bedroom.