3 Reasons To Get Video Distribution

Advancements in technology have continued to bring greater freedom and simplicity in our lives. This has never been truer in the video and television arena. Gone are the days where a person is locked down to one location in the home while watching a television show. Now a single television source can be easily simulcast throughout the home. This is just one of the advantages of what is called distributed video.

Mirror Programming

With video distribution and the use of an HDMI switch, now the program being generated on one TV can be instantly duplicated on another. This allows you to move from room to room and not miss a second of what is on. It also enables people in different rooms to watch the same show originating from the same source. Now there is greater flexibility and ability to move without missing any of your favorites.

Reduce Costs

If you wanted to keep a show or sporting event broadcasting on multiple televisions, typically you would need a cable or satellite box for each one. That equates to several monthly subscription fees. In many cases a home has more televisions than people. With distributed video you would only need one or two boxes and can slash recurring costs.

Eliminate the Clutter  

In a traditional setup, each television has one or more pieces of equipment hooked up to it. This may be a receiver, Blu-ray player or streaming device. Every one of those takes up space and has cords attached to it. By moving to a video distribution system much of this equipment becomes redundant. This eliminates the clutter and poor aesthetics associated with all of that wiring.

Distributed video is no longer technology of the future. It can help take your home entertainment system to a level of integration you have never seen before without sacrificing picture quality one bit.