The average home has seen a moderate to large increase in bandwidth demand in the last year. Many people know the pains of trying to manage multiple video conferences, online work, and streaming in a day without losing significant network speed. But, unless you have upgraded your home network recently, it is probably not adequate to meet your modern demand. That alone is an excellent reason to enhance your home network sooner rather than later. Below, we look at 3 essential home network features we believe everyone needs for a fast and reliable home network.

3 Essential Home Network Features

  • Router
    • Your router is one of the most important components of a quality home network. The router guides all network traffic to where it needs to go so it makes sense that it would be important in Wi-Fi connectivity and speed.
  • Wired & Wireless Access Points
    • While we all love our wireless devices, the further a signal has to travel n your home from the router to the final destination, the more likely it is to become unreliable and slow. Wireless access points can be placed throughout your home to essentially boost the wireless signal for improved reliability. It is important to have both wired and wireless capabilities in your home which means there will be structured wiring involved for an optimal home network.
  • Security
    • So much of our lives take place online which means our sensitive information is exposed to potential threats every day. Do not underestimate how sophisticated hackers have become. They know we are all transmitting sensitive financial information, health information, and business information online every day. A professionally designed home network will have robust protection including firewalls, virus protection, data backups, etc.